Welcome to Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP)

The Multilateral Interoperability Programme referred to as MIP, is an interoperability organisation established by national Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS) developers with a requirement to share relevant Command and Control information in a multinational or coalition environment.

As a result of collaboration within the programme, MIP produces a set of specifications which when implemented by the nations, provide the required interoperability capability.

MIP provides a venue for system level interoperability testing of national MIP implementations as well as providing a forum for exchanging information relevant to national implementation and fielding plans to enable synchronization. MIP is NOT empowered to direct how nations develop their own C2IS.


MIP assures the quality of the specification through operational and technical testing of national implementations.


MIP focuses on interoperability of command and control (C2) systems, which includes the Land view of Joint operations , but encourages contributions from Air, Maritime and other Communities of Interest (CoIs).


MIP specifications are based on operational requirements developed into a fieldable interoperability solution.

The MIP programme is not a formal NATO programme. It is a voluntary and independent activity by the participating nations and organisations. MIP has a three-tiered structure: two Management levels and one Task-Execution level. The Management levels consist of an oversight Steering group and a Programme Management group. In late 2009 the programme structure was reorganised from Multidisciplinary Working Parties into two Integrated Product Teams (IPT). The first is IPT-3 and it is responsible for the In-Service Support to the MIP3.1 products. The second team is IPT-4, and it is responsible for the development of a future specification using the latest system architecture concepts.

The vision for the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP) is to become the principal operator-led multinational forum to promote international interoperability of Command and Control Information Systems (C2IS) at all levels of command. MIP is to further develop and improve interface specifications in order to reduce the interoperability gap between different C2IS. The MIP scope is to deliver a command and control (C2) interoperability solution in a net-centric environment focused initially on the Land operational user in a Joint environment, with a growing emphasis on the requirements of Maritime and Air communities in future baselines.

Actually we are not located somewhere as an organization, but we have a standard meeting point four times a year and that is in Germany. The working groups duration is two weeks. The MIP Steering Group (MSG) meets once a year for five days and the location varies every year.

The meetings are held in "Bundeswehr Technical Center for Information Technology and Electronics" referred to as WTD 81. It is located in the very heart of Bavaria, in a town called Greding. Greding is south of Nuremberg and north of Ingolstadt. To reach WTD 81 from either the North or the South of Germany, take the A9 and exit at Greding.