This brochure explains, in nontechnical terms, the key aspects of the Alternative Development and Exchange Method (ADEM). This specification is provided by the Multilateral Interoperability Programme (MIP), a military standardization body comprising member nations and NATO.

The ADEM specification provides the means to exchange the Current Situation using the semantics of the Joint Consultation, Command and Control Information Exchange Data Model (JC3IEDM).

ADEM enables simple and extensible information exchange using existing open standards (Web Services) while remaining faithful to the proven utility of the JC3IEDM information model.

Target Audience
  • The ADEM specification is useful to those involved with the interfacing of systems for the purpose of Command and Control (C2) or Situational Awareness (SA).
Problem Addressed
  • The ADEM specification provides the means to extend information exchange to mission partners. It assists in bridging between Communities of Interest (COIs) by using targeted information exchanges. It is focused on ease of implementation and promotes lower cost solutions encouraging mission partners to chose a solution that is best suited to their needs.

The ADEM specification defines information constructs and exchange patterns useful to realize effective information exchange between C2 and partner systems. The ADEM specification leverages the MIP Baseline 3.1 data model (JC3IEDM) and other standards to provide the semantics of the information constructs.

The ADEM specification :

The ADEM specification simplifies information exchange by focusing on small discrete information structures that have operational value (i.e. battlespace objects, events and associations between them). The set of information structures is not finite. Partner COIs can extend the ADEM information structures with COI specific content.

 ADEM Specification

The ADEM specification provides the information required to successfully implement a conformant producer or consumer. The specification details the information content, exchange patterns and the defined capability sets. The ADEM specification is available here

 ADEM Distribution

The ADEM distribution is a downloadable binary image containing the specification documents along with supporting, or emerging, artifacts useful for implementers. These artifacts include: sample data, reference implementations, test specifications, future and experimental extensions to the specifications. The ADEM Distribution is available to participants in the collaboration space.


To facilitate feedback and provide implementers a support network, an online collaboration space has been established for ADEM. Those implementing the ADEM specifications or interested in learning more about how the specification is being used are encouraged to join the collaboration space located here