The MSG is at the top of the MIP Organisation.


  • Aim, Responsibilities & Activities. What is the MSG purpose and foundation?
  • Membership & Decision Procedures. Every member is represented by one delegation whose leader is its HoD (Head of Delegation).
  • Meetings. How many, where and when MSG meetings are held?
  • Chairmanship & Host Nation. MSG meetings take place in different locations volunteered by Member Nations.

The aim of the MIP Steering Group is to define the strategy for the programme and make overall programme policy decisions.

The MSG defines the overarching Programme objectives, strategy, milestones and Programme phase capstone events. It provides overall guidance and is the decision authority for the Programme. The MSG is the final multinational authority for resolution of Programme issues and risk mitigation. The MSG assigns Member responsibilities and is responsible for the MIP Statement of Intent (MSOI).

The MSG is also the approval authority for the programme of work as presented by the PMG and receives periodic updates by PMG of each meeting concerning work performed, accomplishments to date, current status, future plans, issues and risk areas.

Each MIP Member is to attend MSG meetings with an empowered representative as their national HoD. There can be only one HoD per Member who may attend together with other national representatives if need be.

The Chairmen of the Integrated Product Teams attend the MSG to report on their activities and receive Programme guidance.

All MSG decisions are made by the unanimous agreement of Full Member Nation HoDs. The MSG directs the activities of the PMG and the IPTs, who in turn report back at each MSG meeting.

The MSG meets as required to fulfil MIP objectives. The location and timings for these meetings are to be agreed upon by the MSG.

Each Full Member hosts a MSG meeting in turn and on rotational basis. Associate Members may host an MSG meeting on voluntary basis.

A Full Member may request meetings other than those formally scheduled. For such a purpose, he has to make a proposal to the other Full Members, including details as location, dates and agenda.

Chairmanship & Host Nation

The designation of the MIP Steering Group Meeting Chairman and Vice Chairman is at MSG's discretion. The Chairman carries out the following responsibilities in this capacity:

The host Member: