Membership of the Multilateral Interoperability Programme may be as Full Members or Associate Members. Only Nations are eligible to become Full Members of the Programme.

Full Members are Nations that commit to support the collaborative development of succeeding versions of the MIP interoperability solution suitable for fielding. To be a Full Member, a Nation must agree to meet the requirements listed in the MIP Programme Management Plan. In addition a Full Member must express an intention to field the MIP solution.

Full Members undertake to be represented in all WGs and must be prepared to expend the resources required. Full Members have voting and access rights at all meetings.

Associate Members include Nations and non-Nation entities showing an interest in this Programme that have been granted Associate Member status by the MSG. Associate Members are entitled to have the same rights and privileges as Full Members but do not have the right to vote on decisions within the Programme.

Application for Membership

The official request to become a Member shall be made by a formal written proposal to the Chairman of the PMG that must be endorsed by a current MIP Full Member. The Chairman of the PMG will forward the request to all other Full Member MSG HoDs. The application must include :

  • a statement on the status of involvement in a National C2IS
  • the nature of interest in the MIP
  • an agreement to abide by MSG/PMG decisions

Membership Approval

The MSG will, at the next available opportunity act as follow :

  • Consider the application for membership as presented by the sponsoring member
  • Subject to a unanimous agreement, the MSG will agree the Membership request
  • Invite the new member to attend the next meeting